Monday, September 8, 2008

Dimming the Limelight

3 weeks in and life is tough...No shit right?

Its amazing the amount of material that can be crammed into one's head in three weeks. I know the heart like the posterior side of my hand and am not too back in the thorax either. Regardless, this place has a way of making the most mundane and ill-prepared students jump right into line with the rest of the medical community. I am one of those students. Sure I made my way to this place but I am no means an excellent student. Case and point, I'm writing this post in lecture right now. Before you judge, its an epidemiology lecture for 2 hours and 248 ppt slides. Why would I pay attention?

Now I must apologize to you, oh faithful readers, for I promised a new post each week. Well, three weeks in and I'm still trying to find a groove. I can lay out my study schedule for you but you may run for your lives as to how little of a life I lead. Its okay, I signed up for this after all.

My school is unique, for the first 8 weeks we undergo a class called Introduction to Osteopathic medicine. It's called fundamentals by us and its the worst 8 weeks of your life. You bounce around from biochem to global health not to mention stopping off at transcription and translation, anatomy/embryology and physiology. It's the most convoluted train of information one can undertake. But I am learning.

Anatomy lab is no picnic either, but the system here works and I have been blessed with a great group who in amongst ourselves are not gunners and just wish to learn, not sabotage others in hopes for a higher class rank. The coolest thing is that our cadaver has a tramp stamp, yes a tattoo on the lower back on the midline, and she is quite young. Its nice from a learning perspective as we can see the musculature very easily and there is little fat to strip away. The anatomy prof's are really low key and will go head over heels to help you if you ask.

OMM is kind of a toss up right now. I understand the theory behind it and really do not need it to be drilled in my head over and over again. I mean, seriously, we choose this curriculum in part due to OMM, why wouldn't we read up on that? One professor I'm sure is a pimp on weekends. The practicality and learning the techniques are of great interest to me and I really enjoy learning about them.

Lecture is lecture. Monday's we either have a quiz or a written exam. Then we go to lecture from 9-5. Very interesting indeed. I try to stay interested but some topics/presenters are so drole I cannot stay awake for the life of me. Lecture usually ends at 5 at which time I head home for dinner, then rush back to the library and study for about 4 more hours before hitting the sack and repeating the process all over again. Like I said, Paris Hilton has got nothing on me.

If you are looking a this blog as sort of a guide, that's great. I can only hope this helps to influence one opinion. Just for the record fella's, there are much more attractive girls in D.O. schools an M.D's.

Till Next time

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  1. Thanks for the update. I am indeed using your blog as a bit of advice, as I am a junior in college considering DO school. So far, with your OMM frustratings, are you happy to have gone to osteopathic school? Also, are you finding it hard to adjust to the rigors of school and the study schedule? Finally, in your next update, do you think you could discuss living situations in the first year of med school? Do you have roommates and would you prefer to live at home? Your writing is dope, keep it up.

  2. Did you interview at any other Doctor of Osteopathic schools? Can you comment on them? Do you like your school?

    right on, my fellow scrubs fiend :)