Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Annnnnnnndddd Awayyyy We Go!

Its official,

I'm screwed.

It's medical school after all, who said the days would be easy and the nights festive? Certainly a business major. I've had one full day of classes and one day of orientation. Orientation is exactly what it sounds like....boring as all hell. Its kinda like college orientation, or high school orientation. Well, more like high school as in college there were parties to go to. Orientation in medical school is simply a parading of faculty remarking on how wonderful it is to welcome us to their prestigious school of medicine. We had an awesome keynote speaker, that man was awesome! Lived with Dr. King, took part in civil rights movements, a true vanguard for physicians back in the day. Regardless of how awe inspiring his life has been, it was marred by the fact that we can only be welcomed so many times. Was I glad to be there, you betcha! Was I nervous the night before, like nothing I've ever experienced, was it worth it? meh.

I'm not trying to put down my school, but orientation seemed to be an administrative clusterfuck in which we the students just sat back and perused for attractive members of the opposite sex. We mostly waited and waited. We were entertained only briefly by lunch and then the drone of financial aid presentations or presentations of academic honesty tried to drown out thoughts in our heads. I know they mean well, but you can't expect me not to be critical when financial aid describes the loans we should be getting after we're in medical school. Just seems a bit out of touch, wouldn't you say? I just love how administration selectively keeps information from you, such as if you wish to decrease the amount of money disbursed to you in loans, you should of called us yesterday.

I know they're busy. They have all of my money along with 297 of my classmates. Well, 296 as we are on long island and there has to be at least one bastard here with a trust fund. They are swamped with questions and give out ambiguous answers. what irked me the most were the questions being asked. I know my classmates are smart, hell, most of 'em are likely smarter than me, but read! You don't go to a book signing and ask the author what the book is about do you? If only a select few decided to read what literature they gave us we could of easily shaved at least 30 minutes off our day.

On a lighter note, I am glad to have socialized as much as I did before school started. Kids from where I reside seem to get along fine with each other and we make a darn dandy group. We all sit in the same area during lecture and when break time comes we all look to each other before venturing out into the social ocean that is the rest of our class. I will meet them all soon.

Oh, and bro....D.O. schools have wayyyy hotter chicks than M.D. school. Just thought you should know

Until Next time (anatomy tomorrow...eeek!)

Whoop Whoop