Monday, March 12, 2012

Match Day!

Good News Everyone!

The Osteopathic match was earlier in February 2012. Unlike the Allopathic match, on the Monday, we get both notification that we matched and what program we matched too.

We are supposed to get the e-mail at noon on match day. Stress inducing as that may seem, the AOA jumped the gun and e-mailed me at 0851 in the morning. I was sitting in the conference room on my sub-internship for pediatrics when my phone *dinged*. I registered the noise in my head, but refused to jostle my hands to bring the e-mail into view. I waxed and waned through the lecture, nervously bouncing my leg. I finally looked, in the car, at 1030...

The allopathic match is much more stress inducing. Its a month after the Osteopathic match, so unlike my brother, I have been stress free for about a month. The devilish aspect of the match is in anticipation. Surely we have all anticipated most things in our lives; the first kiss, first drink, first car etc. Anticipation makes the best memories. It effing kills us medical students. in the allo match, on Monday, you log into the Match website. You pull up the main page. It hopefully says "Match Result: Congratulations! You have Matched!"

That's it.

$300K in debt. Six words. Six hundred grey hairs.

Six. Words.

You have to wait until friday to figure out where you are going. So if your top choice was in Chicago and second choice was in Baltimore, you are still a bit worried.

Sure, you've got into a residency. But where?

Top Choice? Third Choice? Last Choice?

Have fun!

Whoop Whoop


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