Monday, July 21, 2008

2 Weeks Notice

Good day to you all! Zoidberg here at a very difficult time in his medical school career. In two weeks time I will move to school. My brother has been dreading this moment, for he loathes moving more than I loathed coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death. I understand his point though, if I were to drop all my possessions in front of a starving Ethiopian child, he/she would mostly likely give me the finger and kick me right in the crotch. It's absurd the amount of stuff I have, moreover the amount of stuff my mother and sister recommend I acquire on top of all my crap (Metal wall art?, wtf mate!). I recently returned from a family vacation to cape cod. Not a bad time was had at all. It was a week of sun, incredible surf, great beer (delirium tremens <-- best beer in the world, magic hat summer variety pack and a Westmalle Trappist ale) and family fun. I would guess that our family is unique in the fact that us kids like, actually LIKE, going on vacation with our parents. Its time for us to kick back, simplify everything, and enjoy the beach. Before our vacation I resigned from working. Its true I loved my job working in endoscopy. I may have worked with he best nurses, doctors and staff anyone could. Yet, it was time for me to relax and kickback before I devote my life once again to textbooks, slide shows and Mozart flowing through my iPod headphones.

My major fear in these two weeks revolves around my study habits. I have been out of school for over a year now, counting senior year that's a little over 20 months without caring about academics and really "studying." I really do not have a plan to get back on track, and with two weeks to go this poses a great problem on my end. My strategy at this point is to devote at least 2.5 to 3 hours to sitting down, turning off all electronic devices (sans iPod) and reading. Doesn't matter what I read and that I switch media, just that I read. Now I am not a reader. What I mean is I do not read for pleasure, I read for work such as texts etc. This approach under my own volition has made me a slow reader as compared to my brother and sister. Will my strategy fail, we'll see after the first test. Right now I am not worried about it. Next post in two weeks when I move in.

Whoop, Whoop!


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