Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why Now, O Lord?

Why bother with this?

In truth, I have no idea what I am about to do. This blog is nothing more than another assignment jotted down hastily in my daily planner. Nevertheless, it is useful and I am doing it for many reasons. First, I am privileged to walk down the path of medical education and to become a doctor, honored even. This blog is for my friends I made in high school and at Niagara University (Division I, Represent). I want to let them know how I am doing, and that those hours of studying in the library and missing the most amazing college parties was worth it, at least to me, in the long run. Secondly, this voyage I am going to undertake is for all those interested in the medical school journey. I hope my experience serves as a roadmap of how to make to medical school and hopefully how to succeed and become an amazing physician. I hope also this blog turns out to be more than a "what not to do" narrative. Thirdly, I feel many people know very little about the entire process of taking a over-studied, over-caffienated, and over-worked person and transforming them into a doctor. Medical school is no picnic, and I wish to simply explain the obstacles facing us medical school students following the osteopathic curriculum and relay what we have to deal with to the general public.
This will be fun, I think.

Just a little about me, if anyone is that curious to know the author. I grew up in Rochester, NY, namely Spencerport. I went to Spencerport High School and graduated with honors in 2003. I entered Niagara University that fall and undertook a curriculum in the biological sciences. I graduated in May 2007 with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. The last two years of college was mostly spent unsuccesfully researching organic chemistry culminating in going to ONE conference and not even putting out a single paper (do I get points for trying?) At Niagara, I made the best friends a guy could ask for. I am nothing without friends and wish to keep them in contact with me until my death. I also have the pleasure of being a fraternal twin who is going with me on the same medical school adventure. My brother is my best friend. Although I am older, this blog is my only evidence that I can do something on my own and try to prove that the big brother did something the baby of the family could look up too. I also have an amazing older sister who, if not for the fear of flying animals, is the perfect person in the world. Both my parents are my role models. My Father is an accountant while my Mother is a college professor (D.N.S.) and an N.P. I took a year off between graduating from Niagara and starting at med school. I did this because a) I was waitlisted and it fell through and b) I wanted to take the time to relax for what I hoped would be another 4+ years of school. I am an optimistic individual who loves the sport of hockey, a cold brew, the beach, a good book and the people I call friends and family. 'Till next time

Whoop Whoop


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